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Integrity Golf Course Construction And Services Offered

Project Management

Integrity Golf brings an experienced project management team to every job. Our team can help make sure your project finishes on time and within budget. Building accurate and realistic schedules, securing preliminary pricing or identifying pitfalls and potential overages, our team has the experience and knowledge to eliminate problems before they happen.


Working with the best golf course architects in the world has provided us the opportunity to understand their level of expectation in creating their vision. We take great pride in our ability to communicate in the field with each specific designer, turning their thoughts and dreams into reality, sculpted out of dirt. Because we have the ability to perform the mass excavation with our team, it gives us a decided advantage in overall project scheduling and efficiency. Working as a unified team and performing all the work in house creates a synergy that cannot be experienced when working with subcontractors. Moving the dirt once keeps construction costs to a minimum and the project on schedule.


There is an old saying that the two most important aspects of golf course construction are common sense and drainage. If you are short on common sense just add more drainage. Drainage plays a critical role in the long term success of the property as well as the overall agronomic health of the Turfgrass and plant material. Years of experience has taught us the importance of properly sized and installed drainage systems, from 4” pipe in the greens cavity to 48” RCP underneath the entrance road, we understand the important role it plays in the success of the property.


Working with the top irrigation consultants in the golf course industry we have had the opportunity to install state of the art systems using the latest technology like HDPE fused pipe and the new Rain Bird IC System. Performing this work with our Integrity Golf Team, as opposed to subcontractor’s, provides for a seamless installation. That translates into an owner getting a state of the art irrigation system installed on time and within budget.

Feature Construction

Greens Construction
The attention to detail during a golf course construction project dramatically increases during this phase. The playability and agronomic health of the putting surfaces for years to come is completely dependent on adhering to the USGA Greens Construction Specifications, as well as understanding the nuances of each golf course architect. The Integrity Golf Team understands the importance of working closely with each on-site architect to deliver the best product that will play the same for years to come.

Bunker Construction

No other feature on a project displays a golf course architect’s personality more so than the look and feel of the bunkers. Creating each distinctive look is an art form and takes years to perfect. Our team has worked with the best in the business and understands what each golf course architect communicates; reducing the amount of time it takes for this part of the golf course construction process.


In concert with the building of the golf course, The Integrity Golf Team can also take care of your landscaping needs. We’ve completed multi-million dollar landscaping packages throughout the entire property including streetscaping, native restoration, hydro-seeding, large tree/palm installation, large boulder work, trail building and model home landscaping. Having the ability to complete this work in house puts us in a better position to bring the project home on time and within budget.


The grassing stage of a project gives is a chance to put the finishing touch on a masterpiece. The Integrity Golf Team is experienced in all types of grassing; sodding (big and small rolls), hydro-sprigging and seeding. Our team also has the experience to handle the grow-in process as well, utilizing over 20 years of agronomic experience in the field. Whatever your needs may be, we have you covered.


Integrity Golf is equipped with a sophisticated Global Positioning System (GPS) capable of accurate measurements to the centimeter. Regular site visits are conducted to collect the data which is later compiled in AutoCAD for our final submittal. The advantages of GPS are many; accurate quantity take-offs, up to date billing and a final GPS as-built plan for the golf course maintenance staff to reference irrigation, drainage lines and square footages in the future.